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Halfway to Daylight

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I'm alone on the edge of the night
Been too long and the words never come out right
Wish I could talk to you one last time
I'd let you know that we love you
Now I really got you on my mind
We never wanted to forget each other as the months turned into years
A distance grows and a gap exposed all my biggest fears
How can this be my dear

Been too long and I'm sorry I didn't call
I didn't know what to say cause I thought I had said it all
In my mind you should still be right there
Out on a beach with your family
Now I can't find you anywhere
Well I got a feeling that the truth's around the corner
Or maybe just around the bend
My practice though is in the letting go
I guess this is the end
How I miss you my friend

As I begin to feel it but you already know
It's like the veil is getting thinner and it's starting to show
It seems there is no reason for the pain inside
But it's the season for believing to I'll give it a try
I was down on Tchoupitoulas when I heard what happened to ya
But all I really knew was there was nothing we could do
And we were celebrating birthdays on the day that you died
Guess that's the that things work out when the world is on fire

I guess for now Adam I'll settle for all the pictures of you making that mischievous smile
We'll sit around and talk about the good times that we had
As we forget about our lives for a while
Oh I wanna talk to ya I don't have the words
I guess it's better from my heart than my head
I'll see you out
In space and time
on the Otherside
Halfway to daylight
Halfway to daylight