Who is Otiis?

Otiis is a band from New Orleans, Louisiana. Yes, it has two i’s. Yes, it’s pronounced ō•tis. 

Hailing from the Hudson Valley in Upstate New York but born and raised in Tampa, Florida, songwriter and guitarist Dave DeCotiis returned to his Gulf Coast roots and moved south in late 2014. In New Orleans, this musical chameleon met Kelcy Mae Wilburn(drums) and joined her formidable Alt-Country outfit Ever More Nest. Not long after that Dave met Alec Barnes (bass) through the magic of musical community. As the three-piece rock outfit Otiis, Dave and company teamed up with New Orleans audio engineer and fellow musician Chris Nicotera and hit the studio, where they called upon great creative forces to bless their endeavors and shine musical favor upon them, and it was so. Without further ado, Otiis is proud to present this primo EP, Halfway to Daylight, for your listening pleasure. 

The second EP from songwriter Dave DeCotiis, Otiis’ Halfway to Daylight insists on joy where there is grief, on love despite darkness. These are songs about friendship and community, death, awareness, and acceptance. They’re songs about knowing and not knowing, caring and not caring. A previous EP from Dave DeCotiis, Loom, was recorded in 2015 and is available on Bandcamp


Halfway to Daylight Band and Album Credits:

Written and Performed by Otiis 
Dave DeCotiis Guitar & Vocals 
Kelcy Wilburn Drums & Vocals 
Alec Barnes Bass & Vocals 
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Nicotera 
Album Art by Gus Hoffman 
Design by Paul DeCotiis